Technology Overview

Horse owners, trainers and competitors are devastated emotionally and financially when one of their performance horses suffers an injury. Catastrophic injury to the highly trained horse is normally preceded by progressive soft tissue damage. Until now, there has not been a reliable means to easily evaluate the condition of the critical soft tissue at these early stages of damage. The current diagnostic ultrasound device used to evaluate soft tissue damage is not sensitive enough to detect early changes to the soft tissue before the onset of lameness.

A clear and reliable means to evaluate the condition of the tendons, ligaments and interconnecting soft tissue before the horse becomes lame or disabled is now under development by OnTrack Imaging, Inc.

A revolutionary diagnostic ultrasound camera is under development that will allow the early diagnosis of compromised soft tissue. This tool will ultimately provide veterinarians, trainers and owners detailed information about the condition of the soft tissue to PREVENT serious damage and injury to the equine athlete.

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