Owners & Competitors

Owning and riding performance horses in any discipline is a thrilling opportunity and financial responsibility. When horses are down due to injury it is heartbreaking to see your partner in pain and to deal with the long recovery process. Not only is such an injury painful for the horse, such an injury is disruptive to the plans and aspirations you set for successful competition season.

OnTrack Imaging, Inc is developing a non-invasive diagnostic ultrasound tool that will provide a clear picture of the condition of the soft tissue of your horse. This clear, detailed image will allow the physical condition of the soft tissue to be assessed on a regular basis, ultimately allowing the health of the horse to be closely monitored during training and competition.

The OnTrack Imaging, Inc Ultrasound Camera will clearly show minor changes to the soft tissue allowing the training program to be adjusted to avoid the catastrophic injury that so many horses have experienced.

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