Current diagnostic ultrasound tools severely limit the specially trained veterinarian to diagnose injury and track the healing process. The inherent speckle associated with the current b-scan ultrasound images does not allow the veterinary practitioner to detect early evidence of soft tissue damage or to reliably assess the integrity of critical soft tissue for pre-purchase inspections. In fact, the pre-purchase exam opinions are based upon an absence of lameness indications rather than a clinical examination of the soft tissue structure similar to an x-ray. The OnTrack Imaging, Inc Ultrasound Camera will provide a significantly enhanced, real-time ultrasound image allowing minor soft tissue damage to be diagnosed before there is significant tendon or ligament damage. We anticipate that the production prototype of the OnTrack Imaging, Inc Ultrasound Camera will be in clinical testing at the Texas A&M Institute for Pre-Clinical Studies. Updates as to the results of all the clinical evaluations will be posted to this website. Please click here if you would like information on progress of the clinical evaluation.