Siobhan E. O'Brien
CEO, President & Co-founder
OnTrack Imaging, Inc.

For over 25 years, Siobhan O'Brien has worked in large corporations, most recently Microsoft, in business development and services prior to starting her own business, Horselife, Inc. in 2000. Horselife, Inc. is an equine specialty business targeting the equestrian market. In addition to her professional experience, Ms. O'Brien has been involved with a variety of equestrian associations in an effort to increase awareness, education and participation in the disciplines. Ms. O'Brien currently serves on the Advisory Board of Directors for both the Child Abuse Prevention Center and the Texas Horse Park, Inc in Dallas, Texas. Ms. O'Brien's business experience, expertise in the horse industry and strong relationships with various trainers, veterinary practices and equestrian suppliers within the US Equestrian communities bring credibility, knowledge and insight to OnTrack Imaging, Inc.

Ms. O'Brien received a Bachelor of Arts-Journalism from University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and completed the SMU Executive Mini-MBA.